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Spring has sprung…summer is on its way


detoxSpring is a great time to detox.  Naturopathy believes the extra energy we experience in spring should be used to spring clean our bodies, rather than rushing around and getting chores done, socialising and being busy generally.

Detoxification organs like the liver, can usually do with some support.  You can help your liver out by introducing a few foods that help support the liver, to really help channel this extra energy.

Liver supporting foods:
Try some hot water with the juice of 1 fresh lemon in the morning, contains L limonene which support phase II detoxification pathways

Rocket, spinach, swiss chard and dark green vegetables all provide extra support to the liver, a nice large raw salad every single day can really help improve energy levels and support your liver’s important functions.   A large raw salad may provide lots of enzymes, minerals, phytonutrients and vitamins to support your body along with fibre for a healthy gut.

Foods to eat less of:
Cheese, bread, sugary snacks, alcohol, processed meat and coffee.

Let your body take advantage of the springs energy and look after your liver.

Detoxification organs, liver, kidney, bowel, lymphatic system and the skin are working all the time to keep you healthy, exercise, diet and exfoliation all contribute to improving their performance.

Give it a try, what will happen if you don’t support this organs?

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