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Improve your digestion, naturally…


Improving digestion is often a major part of my client programmes,  to improve their symptoms.

digestion 1

Here are a few simple ways to improve yours:

  1. Firstly slow down, eat in a calm environment and remember to breathe!
  2. All fluids to be taken away from your main meals, or at least 30mins before or after food
  3. Don’t eat if you are thirsty, have a drink of water before you decide you need food
  4. Eat bitter and raw foods before your main meals, like a little rocket or watercress, these stimulate the digestive process
  5. Pineapple and papaya contain natural digestive enzyme, eat the core of the pineapple as well as this contains most of the enzyme (bromelain) – good as a smoothie!
  6. Adding fresh ginger root to your juices and smoothies and your food may help improve digestion as can cayenne pepper
  7. Chew your food better, chewing breaks down the large food particles into an easy to digest paste and the enzymes in the saliva break down carbohydrates, a baby has pureed food as it has no teeth! puree yours with your teeth.
  8. Avoid taking antacids, these reduce the acidity in the stomach.  Your stomach should be a pH of 1.5 to 3.5.  If you stomach pH is higher, or more alkaline you will not break down your food so well, making it more difficult to absorb the nutrients like minerals and vitamins, this may cause digestive disturbances too
  9. And finally, posture!  sit up when you eat, slouching can hinder the process of digestion and cause indigestion.

Let me know how you get on!

Best wishes,  Julie

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  1. Great tips, thanks for the post 🙂

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