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Get your weight shifting with some detox support…


Diet is the ‘word’ of the month.  Everywhere you look, diet this diet that….download

When we diet, or when we want to lose some fat, we need to support our bodies.  Our fat cells contain toxins, so when we lose fat, toxins are released, and we have to find a way to get them out!

Supporting the detoxification processes can really help you feel better whilst making changes to your diet.  Here’s a few foods to eat more of:

  1. dark green vegetables, they help support the liver
  2. hot lemon in the morning,  supports the liver too
  3. bitter foods like rocket, again for liver support
  4. chicory/endive (the little lettuce that is white and purple) same.
  5. artichokes (globe) digestive

Try making a lovely salad with some rocket, watercress, chicory, crushed hazelnuts (lightly toasted), courgette ribbons, tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper and some cooked brown rice.  Dress with some organic olive oil and lemon juice, sea salt and cracked pepper! Add some warm mackerel or sardines for some omega 3 and protein.

I also love anchovies and warm french green beans with a salad, and why not add a poached or boiled egg?

Warm stuff with a lovely hearty salad is great for January and February,  it keeps you warm, refreshes your digestive system and is full of nutrition to support both weightloss and detoxification.


I am offering a detox package at my Richmond Clinic for £125, including a months worth of supplements… make an appointment image

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