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The Sleep Council’s website quotes that ‘one in five complain of lack of sleep’.  Sleep is an essential aspect of good health, your risk of obesity, inflammatory conditions, depression, diabetes and cardiovascular disease increase with poor sleep.  The mechanism is believed to affect  glucose tolerance, insulin sensitivity and blood pressure; all of which may increase the risk of hardening of the arteries.

Here are 10 tips that may help improve your sleep patterns:

  1. Clear your bedroom of clutter, and make your bed everyday
  2. Caffeine is a stimulant best avoided after lunch or completely
  3. Decrease your sugar intake and white bread, white pasta and white rice
  4. Eat something light 40/30mins before bed such as an oatcake with a little tahini
  5. Put a little lavender oil (essential oils) on your pillow before bed
  6. Exercise is beneficial for improving sleep (but not too close to bed time)
  7. Napping for longer than 35mins during the day may affect your sleep patterns at night
  8. Take a bath or shower before bed
  9. Whilst a radio can be helpful to getting you off to sleep, a TV in your bedroom is overstimulating – remove it
  10. Eat a diet high in magnesium; research at the Human Nutrition Research Center suggest such a diet can help improve sleep patterns and restless leg syndrome.

A balanced diet with good sources of protein and lots of vegetables is also helpful, for further support why not book a confidential one to one nutrition consultation with Julie in Fulham or Richmond?

We often recommend measuring your cortisol levels, giving us a much better understanding of the underlying causes of the sleep issues which then provides a focused nutrition, supplement and lifestyle plan to get your sleep back on track!

Penland. J. (1988) Effect of trace element nutrition on sleep patterns in adult women.  Fed Am Soc. Exp Biol J 2:A434 [accessed 13/12/12]

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