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Little black dress…


Ladies and gentleman, Christmas party season is on the horizon, how exciting!

Have a new hair do, spray tan and tint your eyelashes, but what about those extra inches around your bottom, thighs or belly?

Do you want to look fabulous at your christmas party?  Will your favourite dress/suit still fit??

You have 6 to 8 weeks to make that difference.  Here’s how:

Light exercise programme:

Sunday mornings, Tuesday evenings and Thursday evenings 20min run (or walk/run)

Monday morning: 20min yoga asana (salute to the sun – mindful breathing)

Wednesday morning: 2omin yoga asana (salute to the sun – mindful breathing)

Saturday (anytime) Yoga or Pilates class (60min)

New daily menus:

To support your new routine, vegan protein bars before and after exercise, hydration – using 2 litres of water a day to boost your metabolism and improve energy levels.

Breakfast: fruit and protein smoothie with ground flax seeds (to support stamina and recovery)
Lunch: Salad with lean protein and vegetables cooked the night before or Soup with brown rice (no cream)
Dinner: Remove all white bread, white rice, white pasta and creamy sauces.  Stick with lean meat or fish, brown rice, vegetables, salad and nuts.  Vegetarians should eat plenty of beans and pulses, with a good helping of brown rice and colourful vegetables.  Roast, boil or stir fry your veg.

Nuts and seeds, apples and pears to snack on.  Stock up with healthy snacks  to prevent falling off the wagon.  Click here for more food ideas

Ditch the fizzy pop, chocolate bars and crisps…  these offer little nutritional value, and lots of  fat and sugar.  I want you to look amazing, with glowing skin, bright eyes and a flatter tummy.  Exercise and a diet to support your nutritional needs can help you achieve this.

Difficulty losing weight?
Underlying health issues or lack of support can impact the success of your weight loss, if you would like to know more about  personalised plans please contact me for a quick chat.  You still have time to make a difference!

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