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More seasonal vegetable ideas


Eating seasonal vegetables is not only good for us, but it’s delicious too.

Here are some ideas for the autumn vegetable season



They sustain their sweetness and are lovely and soft if you cook them long enough, you seriously can’t rush the cooking of an Aubergine.  They are beautiful looking vegetables and delicious.  Their deep purple skins are just stunning.

Aubergines are great with Miso paste, slowly roasted with some oil.  You can roast them with garlic and use them in a rich tomato ratatouille too or try this:

Middle eastern style dip

Grill/roast your aubergines until soft (whole) around 20/mins or until they are soft in the middle, so go slowly.

Add some olive oil into the bowl and begin to scrape out the insides of the aubergine, you can use the skin to help flavour the oil as you start to scrape the insides.

Using 2 garlic cloves mashed with a little salt, add 3 tablespoons of oil, 2 dessertspoons of tahini paste and the juice of one lemon mix it all together and then add to the aubergine mash, and serve with anything you like to use to dip.   I like to use a little gluten free toast, or a rice cake.

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