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Exercise your lungs…deep breathing for relaxation


Most of us only use the top lobes of our lungs when we breathe.  I used to suffer with asthma when I was younger, I was tired of medicating my problem, I did some research on breathing exercises.  After attending professional yoga classes, I learnt to breath using my diaphragm and tummy rather than using short shallow breathes from the top of my lungs.  It took a while to get used to this new way of breathing,  now I experience the benefits of feeling more relaxed, less out of breathe and able to exercise for longer.

Breathing exercises are a form of relaxation and can help reduce your stress levels.  Lower stress levels means lower cortisol levels, which can encourage weight to accumulate around the middle.  So you could find weight loss as a side effect if you keep using this way of breathing to reduce stress.

Why not give it go?  It’s free and you can do it anywhere…

Either laying down, or seated.  Take a deep breathe in through your nose, using your tummy rather than expanding your chest and lifting your shoulders, and feel your lungs fill with air.

Your tummy should raise as you breath in and go in when you breath out.

As you breathe in count to 8, and breath out for 6 – continue for 1 minute, breath normally for 1 minute and start the exercises again for 1 minute.  Continue for a further 3 rounds.  Afterwards, sit or lay down paying attention to the air passing your nose.  Slowly get up and have a drink of water or herbal tea.

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