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Gluten free and sharing


I wanted to share with you, that when I have friends over for lunch or dinner and I make pasta, I always use gluten free pasta, and no one has ever noticed!

Yesterday I made tomato sauce from tinned tomatoes, chopped garlic, a pinch of sugar, a punch of basil and tomato puree (and let it reduce over a low heat).  I added sliced carrots and thinly sliced broccili stems.  The result was a thick tasty sauce full of goodness and flavour. I then added some roasted chicken and cracked pepper and served with a big salad of mixed leaves, tomatoes, artichokes and toasted seeds, I usually add some anchovies, but I know not everyone likes them so I made them available on a separate plate.  For dressing I usually use olive oil, cracked pepper and a lots of squeezed lemon juice and a few basil leaves or mint leaves.

Enjoy your food, if you batch cook sauces it can save lots of time and money too!  Image

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  1. That is a great idea, to make alternative healthy food for your friends and family without telling them! I heard a story of a wife replacing all the meat dishes for her husband using various meat substitutes without him complaining… sometimes a little intervention is necessary for the more stubborn of us. Be well and keep spreading the love 🙂

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