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Off dairy?


Some of you have decided to remove dairy from your diets.  Whether you have removed it completely or just cutting back on the cheese, remember that eating lots of dark green vegetables and eating bony fish will support your calcium intake.

Broccoli, cabbage, kale or bok choy  all contain excellent levels of calcium.  Dark green vegetables contain phytonutritents too which have many health giving benefits such as  supporting hormone production, protection against cancer, support for healthy skin and brain function and they are a great source of dietary fibre too.

Ditch the white stuff and bring on the colour green! There are lots of different coloured vegetables which all have different health benefits so get a good selection into your diet and think Rainbow on a plate.

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  1. What do you think about raw dairy? I am learning that raw dairy may be a good alternative for those who choose to consume dairy products, as pasteurization of dairy eliminates essential components required for proper assimilation and digestion. According to the concept of bio-individuality, perhaps raw dairy may work for some people in moderation?

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