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Newly diagnosed with gluten sensitivity or coeliac disease?


Have you  been diagnosed with coeliac disease?  Help is at hand.  The first thing you have to do is remove all gluten from your diet.

Infact that’s probably all you have been told to do and maybe take some calcium?

However, as coeliac disease is an auto-immune disorder, it is advisable to seek professional advice on improving your overall health and look at the contributing factors of how this occured.  Diets can be more targeted towards  a high density nutrition plan with gut supporting  supplements that may have a positive affect on the gut lining, getting you back on your feet much quicker returning to a healthier more vibrant you.

I offer lots of recipes, alternatives to gluten and where to get them from.   Having been gluten free for the last 10years, I  have been experimenting and searching for ways to eat as well as possible, my diet is full of variety and there is no compromise on flavours.

Gluten free cupcakes, gluten free crumbles, much easier these days.  Enjoy the feeling of getting well and feeling vibrant again.  It’s hard to miss something that has been causing you so much agony and discomfort.

For more information about my coeliac disease programme please drop me a line for a confidential chat.

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