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Acid or alkaline?


Can your diet be causing inflammation?

That’s a good question.  An average  the British diet provides mainly acid forming foods, e.g. milk, eggs, meat, wheat, sugar and  alcohol.  Interestingly, these foods would never be considered acidic to your taste buds, but they are the culprits for raising the acidity of the blood.   A diet high in acid forming foods may cause inflammation, therefore eating more alkalising foods can really make a difference to those with inflammatory conditions:

♥       Acidic forming foods = inflammation = disease/pain
♥       Alkaline forming foods = healthy balanced body = less disease and pain

What would you choose?
An alkaline diet contains mainly (i.e. 70%) vegetables, fruit, nuts, oily fish and oats.

An acidic diet contains mainly (i.e. more than 70%) red meat, wheat (refined and wholemeal), cheese, milk, eggs and alcohol and other refined sugar products, like sweets, coca cola and fizzy drinks.  Peanuts, cashew and pistachio nuts, baked goods like cakes and biscuits are all required to be reduced and eaten on special occassions, and not everyday.

Perhaps you are asking, how can I eat a more alkaline diet and still enjoy it?

Reducing the amount of  meat you eat and replacing it with oily fish and other alternatives, using nut based and vegetable-based alternatives;  such as soups, raw salads and smoothies made with freshly juiced vegetables and fruit blended with flax seeds and avocado or nut butters.

Try this juice recipe (ideal for breakfast):

Best to use organic where possible:

♥       3 sticks of celery
♥       ¼ beetroot
♥       4 small apples
♥       ¼ fennel
♥       2 carrots

Juice the ingredients, then add to the blender with ¼ large avocado and 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseeds.  Blend with some ice (or ½ cup of water).   Delicious, alkaline and very satisfying..

Enjoy the juice!  Any questions?

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  1. Great recipe Julie! x

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