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Fed up with feeling bloated?


Help is here! Bloating may be a sign that all is not good with your digestive system, whether it is poor digestion, imbalances within the gut or difficulty digesting certain foods. All can cause bloating.   You want to know how to stop the bloating?

Here are a few free things you can do to help:

Reduce your intake of sugar, such as dried fruit, sweets, alcohol and carbohydrates
Chew your food until it becomes a paste before you swallow
Eat fruit as a snack, but not after a meal
Avoid fizzy drinks
Do not skip meals and eat at the same time each day
Eat some rocket or watercress before your meals
Eat more slowly
And in general just slow down and smile

If you find this doesn’t work, you may need to consider further investigation.  I would recommend you speak to your GP for a diagnosis before booking an appointment, this rules out any possible underlying disease and we can get to work on your programme much faster.

A full consultation will take place and dietary suggestions made, along with a supplement programme, where appropriate, to rebalance your gut.

How to make an appointment?

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