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So much more than weightloss


A Powerful Workshop for Women who are serious about being kinder to their bodies

  • Do you live to eat?
  • Do you spend the majority of your time thinking about food?
  • Are you struggling to manage your weight?

Imagine being able to eat whatever you want whilst maintaining your ideal weight. Imagine fitting into that perfect pair of jeans.  This may sound like a dream, but it could become your reality.

Nutritionist, Julie Deeks and NLP Master Practitioner, Francesca Gordon-Smith, are coming together for a 1-day workshop on Saturday, 11th June at the Columbia Hotel in Lancaster Gate.

Losing weight doesn’t need to be about counting calories.

Julie Deeks will help you understand the importance of eating differently to stop physiological cravings. She will explain how stress and lack of sleep can contribute to weight gain. You will be provided with the tools to improve your metabolism in order to create a healthier muscle-to-fat ratio. It is not all about food, though; a healthy gut flora can also help you stay trim.

It is a fact that reducing calories will lead to weight loss, but we won’t be asking you to count your calories or weigh your food, we will show you how to eat to feel satisfied and stay full for longer, eliminating the need for snacking.

Alongside practical tips on healthy eating and nutrition from Julie, Francesca Gordon-Smith will provide therapeutic coaching using Neuro Linguistic Programming and hypnotherapy. She will use some powerful tools to re-programme the way you think and feel about food. She will guide you to reduce unhealthy cravings, whilst ensuring that your self image is as positive and loving as it can be.

Some women struggle to lose weight and when we have a session with them, it becomes apparent that they are holding on to weight for emotional reasons. Others have picked up unhealthy eating habits from their parents and don’t understand what a healthy diet is. Whatever your needs, we will help you to manage your weight whilst improving your relationship with yourself.

Offer Price: £100* (Normally £425)
*Lunch and healthy snacks will be included throughout the day.
This special offer price is only available until 00.00 Monday 23rd May

For further information, please contact Francesca Gordon-Smith: / 07903 954 550

Date & Time: Saturday 11th June 2011, 10am-5.30pm
Venue: Columbia Hotel, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, London, W2 3NS

For further information about Francesca, visit:

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