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Is gluten making you sick?


I attended the Nutri seminar today with Dr Tom O’Bryan titled Gluten Sensitivity & Coeliac Disease.

Dr Tom discussed the dangers of undiagnosed gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease, the necessity to look beyond gut problems and establish the real cause of the symptoms the patient is experiencing.  For example migraine head aches, re-current ear infection and other inflammatory illnesses are often  a result of  gluten sensitivty.

Dr Tom was inspiring on many levels, his passion for his subject and his knowledge and expertise was second to none.  He cited hundreds of studies that demonstrated how both diagnosed coeliac disease and undiagnosed gluten sensitivity are more than just a gut issue.

If your GP diagnoses one of these disease, I would most certainly recommend a test for gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease.

♥       Alzheimer’s

♥       Autism

♥       Diabetes

♥       Depression

♥       Dyspraxia

♥       Fatigue

♥       Inflammatory diseases

♥       Iron deficient anemia

♥       Liver Cirrhosis

♥       Lupus

♥       Low stomach acid (HDL-C)

♥       Pernicious anaemia

♥       Psoriasis

♥       Recurrent pancreatitis

♥       Sjorgens

♥       Thyroid

Dr Tom described gluten sensitivity as “A systemic beast in our healthcare system”.

It was made clear throughout the lecture, that all patients/clients that have a family member with either coeliac disease or any other auto-immune disease should be tested for both gluten sensitivity and coeliac disease.

For those of you who attended the public seminar on Friday, I would be delighted to meet you and share with you my passion and knowledge for this area of nutrition, please complete the form below.   I am able to offer you the functional tests required to establish  gluten sensitivity and I can offer you my own personal experience of gluten sensitivity too.  I have a vast array of gluten free recipes and rescources that, as a client of mine, you can tap into for free.

To your health and happiness.


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