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Let food be your medicine…


Today  I was thinking about food and how many people experience food in a different way to me.  I know people who don’t like cooking and find eating a chore, unless of course it’s chocolate or waffles.  I love cooking and enjoy eating delicious food, I can almost feel the goodness when I eat a freshly prepared salad bursting with vitamins, minerals and hydration.

The key to eating healthy is to understand the effects of  eating healthy, check your energy levels, appearance and mental health after swapping the processed foods for the naturally bursting in goodness foods, see below:

I challenge you (the reader) to eat less white bread/dough, cakes, dairy products, biscuits and crisps.  Replace them with carrot sticks, blueberries, pumpkin seeds,nuts and oatcakes.

By doing this, you increase your mineral and vitamin intake immediately.  The unhealthy snacks mentioned previously actually deplete the body of minerals and add very little back, they are often considered ’empty calories’ .  Eventually our stores of minerals are so low we get out of balance, we get a little ill, we have less energy and our mood becomes low, making us want to reach for the nearest cake or chocolate bar, quick fix, and so the situation goes into a downward spiral.

Take the challenge today…remember chew your food, your stomach doesn’t have teeth!  and keep smiling, it’s catching!

For a full nutritional consultation make an appointment with me today.   Details of what’s on offer here.

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