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Weight loss tips…


Here are a few of my weight loss tips:

  1. Don’t use food as a treat, a treat can be something that will improve your
    health or relax you, such as a massage,  cup of herbal tea or a new item of sports clothing
  2. Remember, portion size is key, use smaller plates.  It means you can eat lovely food, you just eat less
  3. Increase your intake of pulses (lentils) beans and dark green vegetables
  4. Eat some raw nuts every day (just a few)
  5. Drink green tea or red bush tea instead of your normal tea
  6. Self deprivation is bad for the soul, allow yourself  those little naught bits of cake, just associate it with an  increase in the size of your ‘bum’ or ‘tummy’ not ‘well I deserve it because…’ most of all enjoy
  7. You are losing weight because you want to feel and look better, have more energy and be healthy for the long term
  8. You are doing it for you, nobody else
  9. Say to yourself  ‘I can be leaner and healthier’ – not ‘I can’t lose weight
  10. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off the wagon, just get straight back on it…remember bad habits die hard.

Good luck, drop me a line I can help you if you feel stuck…

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