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Julie is passionate about good food, good health and well being.

Nutritional Therapy, how can it help you?

Using food as medicine, and understanding the link between diet, disease, and therefore, health and wellness, we use food and supplement programmes for results that are often experienced within a few weeks. Julie uses a functional medicine approach, looking for underlying causes of your symptoms.  Of course dietary changes and supplements are not pharmaceutical drugs and the effects take longer than pills from the pharmacy or your GP.

Nutrition and diet are in the media every day, and for many of us we just experience confusing messages and overwhelm, Julie can untangle those messages, ensuring you choose the foods which are best for you and your needs.

Friendly one to one nutrition consultations are available in Fulham, Richmond, Central London and via Skype.  Functional Medicine will always look at how you got to where you are today, and sometimes other therapies and approaches may also be recommended.

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